A Parliament of Owls

Life has been busy, as it always is. This year, I decided to close my brick & mortar art supplies shop in Calgary (Sketch Art Supplies) and end my lease. I will be setting up my home art studio and picture framing in Huntington Hills (Calgary, AB) this summer, so I am excited to finally have a big art studio! Currently I am working out of a bedroom in the house that Sean & I purchased in October. It will be nice to create some large paintings again. It has been 10 years since I graduated from ACAD, so it is fitting that I’m back in production mode after a decade out of art school. Crazy how time flies!

I painted up these cute little owls in November of 2015. Here they are, in order! White-Faced Owl, Grey Grey Owl, Elf Owl, Barn Owl, Eastern Screech Owl, Snowy Owl, Long Eared Owl, Spotted Owl, Barred Owl, Horned Owl, Striped Owl and Western Screech Owl. I have only four originals left for sale (Eastern Screech Owl, Elf Owl, Barred Owl, Striped Owl and Western Screech Owl – $100 each). The rest are available as 5″x5″ matted prints ($10 each) or a 16″x20″ poster ($60 unmatted).

I’ve also painted some other cuties, such as a green dragon, dia de muertos owls, circus/dia de muertos owls and a red “grasslands” firebird!


Ljubica Todorovic, Artist
Calgary, AB

Etsy Art Sale

Art sale, art sale, art sale! Yes, you heard it… I’m having an art sale on my Etsy page. Use this coupon code – SPRING2015 – and get 20% off anything in my Etsy store. I have original bunny and landscapes paintings in there plus prints of most of my works. Link to my shop here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/studiotodorovic. The coupon expires June 21, 2015… so, get to it! :)

Abstract Landscapes

Since Autumn 2014, I’ve been exploring abstract landscapes moreso than ever before. For now, they are mostly skies and clouds, but I am taking interest in different compositions. Next up will be trees and such, perhaps “closer” vantage compositions rather than vast ones. Alberta landscapes are particularly varied and interesting, since the mountains are a short drive away, so the opportunities to explore them through art are endless!

Sugar Skull Bunnies

I’ve been working on a series of illustrative oil paintings for our “Low Brow Art Show” at Bleeding Rose Tattoo (which is, by the way, TODAY! Excite!), and… well here they are! Sugar Skull Bunnies! I learned a lot about surface prep and methods, that is for sure. Originals are available for sale, and prints will be posted in the shop next week. Contact me for more information! Edit: Prints are now available via my Etsy shop!


Skelly Bunny Sketches

Some skeletal bunny oil sketches that I did prior to the current series of “sugar skull bunnies” that I am working on. These were personal “breakthrough” pieces after I did my color bunnies (previous post). High quality giclee (inkjet) prints are available for $40 each, or the set of 4 for $120. Until I get my shop set up, please contact me to purchase!

Color Bunnies

So, what have I been up to? Painting and drawing a lot! Here are 15 “Color Bunnies” that I did over the course of about a week and a half in August. They are 9″x12″, oil on Claire Fontaine oil paper. High quality 11×14 inkjet (giclee) prints are available for $40 each, or $450 for the set of 15 (save $150 when you buy the set). These will be available for purchase at an upcoming art show I am involved with at Bleeding Rose Tattoo, Saturday November 15th, 7 pm-10 pm, at 310 16th Ave NW Calgary, Alberta. After the show they will be available for purchase via my website. Originals may also be for sale – contact me for more information!

New Painting – Core (Diptych)

New painting fresh off the easel. I made a conscience effort to create different marks and paint applications throughout the painting so that it would hold visual interest. I called it Core because it reminded me of some sort of integral inner workings of a thing.

Ljubica Todorovic - Core
24″x12″ (diptych)
Oil, oil stick, soft pastel on canvas

Flower Guts Series, Sketches

In December, I drew in my sketchbook and out popped “Flower Guts”… a simple red with graphite drawing. I’ll be creating a series of works based on this drawing, so here are two more sketches that follow a similar aesthetic. I’ll call them Shrimp Guts and Plant Guts (so original, I know)! More to come…


I’ve been creating collaborative artworks with my friend Alain for the past few months. Here are four recent ones from this week that we just completed. They are 6″x8″, mixed media on Strathmore 500 Illustration board. Collabs – with the right combo of people – are an amazingly rewarding way of creating artwork. It forces you to let go of your personal mark and accept another artist’s ways of “solving” a piece. Collabs introduce marks, handling methods, color decisions and compositional elements which you may not have ever thought to apply to an artwork. I’ve also had to mimic some of Alain’s marks (and vise versa for him) in order to add to, or finish off, a piece. I often wonder what this will do to our non-collaborative artwork. In fact, wonder no more, self, because the result of all these collabs is already showing up in our personal art. Unknown art territory is pretty exciting! I encourage all artists to collaborate with someone at some point or another in their artistic life adventures.


Selfie Experiment

Experimenting with high contrast, dynamic lighting on self, taking a photo, and then using it as reference for one of my “art club” self-portrait assignments. Here is the result.. 9×12, graphite in my sketchbook. I am going to use this reference photo again so that I can work on getting more of a likeness, and to try charcoal or even a softer paper.

Selfie - May 3 2014Experiment 02 - Reference

Gouache Experiment

I found an artist on Instagram that uses a very beautiful mixed media technique, so I wanted to give it a shot as well. Her name is Allison Sommers and her artwork is amazing! Check her out. The mediums used are: acrylic paint (as toned background), watercolour pencil crayons, gouache and watercolours on Arches Hot Press watercolour block. All were used “here and there” at different stages in the drawing. I will definitely be experimenting with mixed media more!

Experiment 01 - Jelly Gouache
Experiment 01 – Jelly Gouache, 9×12 mixed media on Arches HP paper

March 29 Sketches

I’m thinking about abstract landscapes again. Deconstructing photographic references into unrelatable abstract forms in order to create an interesting painting/drawing.

March 23 Sketches

Some sketches from last night… plus a small charcoal study from a few weeks ago. I’ve been drawing quite a bit, but I just haven’t found the time to scan and upload everything! Good sign… less time for computer, more time for creating.


I’ve revamped and stripped down my artist statement to reflect the current sort of artwork that I’ve been making. Back to exploring charcoal on canvas and ink on paper! The big one is called Biotic Construct and the paper works are Arthropod Clusters, along with Arthopod Mother.