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One day, on a day like any other day, an idea popped into my head after walking past a page out of my sketchbook, pinned to a cork board  in my studio. It had a few quickly sketched watercolour landscapes on it that were in the shape of business card sized thumbnails. What if I turned those thumbnail sketches into finished tiny artworks? Better yet, what if I put a magnet on the back and then sold them as fridge magnets?!

So, I did it. I unpinned the sketchbook page from the cork board, cut the watercolour thumbnail out, glued it to a piece of matboard, cut that out, sanded the edges and then stuck a magnet on the back. It was awesome! I was pretty happy with my creation.

My tiny original art magnet! Cows in a field.

It wasn’t perfect, but it was more useful to me now than a sketch, hidden away on the shelves of my studio. This project led to me thinking about creating artwork specifically for magnets. Also, another reason to create more bunnies! Like I needed a reason anyway! Bunnies as magnets will be discussed in the next post.

Finished Cow Fields magnet, approx 3 1/4″x2″
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Bunnies everywhere!

Bunnies come in many forms around here; magnets, prints, original drawings, paintings.. the list goes on. Bunnies are red and black, pink and grey, mauve and even lime colored. They can be quick to anger but also quick to please if you have little treats for them. Some of them are snooty and some of them are cuddly. All bunnies enjoy being loved, so wander around and see if you can find a bunny to adopt!

Day of the Dead Bunny, Original Oil Painting by Ljubica Todorovic