A Parliament of Owls

New Art Process Thoughts

Life has been busy, as it always is. This year, I decided to close my brick & mortar art supplies shop in Calgary (Sketch Art Supplies) and end my lease. I will be setting up my home art studio and picture framing in Huntington Hills (Calgary, AB) this summer, so I am excited to finally have a big art studio! Currently I am working out of a bedroom in the house that Sean & I purchased in October. It will be nice to create some large paintings again. It has been 10 years since I graduated from ACAD, so it...

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Etsy Art Sale


Art sale, art sale, art sale! Yes, you heard it... I'm having an art sale on my Etsy page. Use this coupon code - SPRING2015 - and get 20% off anything in my Etsy store. I have original bunny and landscapes paintings in there plus prints of most of my works. Link to my shop here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/studiotodorovic. The coupon expires June 21, 2015... so, get to it! :)

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Abstract Landscapes


Since Autumn 2014, I've been exploring abstract landscapes moreso than ever before. For now, they are mostly skies and clouds, but I am taking interest in different compositions. Next up will be trees and such, perhaps "closer" vantage compositions rather than vast ones. Alberta landscapes are particularly varied and interesting, since the mountains are a short drive away, so the opportunities to explore them through art are endless!

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Sugar Skull Bunnies

Rabbits Shows

I've been working on a series of illustrative oil paintings for our "Low Brow Art Show" at Bleeding Rose Tattoo (which is, by the way, TODAY! Excite!), and... well here they are! Sugar Skull Bunnies! I learned a lot about surface prep and methods, that is for sure. Originals are available for sale, and prints will be posted in the shop next week. Contact me for more information! Edit: Prints are now available via my Etsy shop!  

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Skelly Bunny Sketches

Process Rabbits Sketchbook

Some skeletal bunny oil sketches that I did prior to the current series of "sugar skull bunnies" that I am working on. These were personal "breakthrough" pieces after I did my color bunnies (previous post). High quality giclee (inkjet) prints are available for $40 each, or the set of 4 for $120. Until I get my shop set up, please contact me to purchase!

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