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I often have a lot of things to say about the notion of painting abstractly from an academic viewpoint. I don't think my work is by any means superior to anything else that is out there, but I don't treat my paintings simply as disposable, beautiful wall decor objects. I do not want viewers to look at my paintings and say, "I could do that" even though they will say it because they think abstract art is just a walk in the park. If you are reading this entry and thinking to yourself, "Ljubica is so full of s***. Look at her, thinking she's a big shot or something. I am going out to get some supplies and prove her wrong." ... well you know what? At least I got you into that art store to pick up some supplies and try it out for yourself. :p It's not easy. Creating a good abstract painting is pretty damn difficult. It means that you are very good at creating composition, which is a fundamental skill that is learned through constant practice (or you are gifted with it). I'm still trying so very hard to make good compositions and it's a constant, albeit enjoyable, struggle. Each and every painting is like a problem-solving question with no definite answer. When you see the answer, you stop and go on to the next one. In time, it becomes less of a struggle because of that ol' rule of practice, practice, practice. To end up with a good abstract painting you also need to be very intimate with your medium of choice. You need to know everything it could do... every turn of the brush this way or every swipe of the palette that way. It all takes time, patience and practice. "Not everything you touch is art" - my instructors always said this to me in school and it's true. Everything you touch is an experiment... but it doesn't mean that it's art. When I complete my abstract paintings, I have little control over what the viewer perceives them to be; I mean, I can tell you "this is what you should see/feel, this is what the painting is about, here is my background and history as an artist", but because of the nature of the "viewer vs. object", I can not tell you what you will feel, think or see. More on this later...

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  • Olivia Alexander on

    Hi Ljubica,
    Yes this is so true! Good abstract art is very difficult to do, it also requires a sound knowledge of composition and design as well as the mediums used, as you said.
    I love abstract because it is such a challenge, it isn’t about copying what one can ‘see’, but working purely from instinct, the heart and emotions.
    I am currently working on a complex abstract work, I spend hours study it, working with it to resolve it.It is quite exhausting at times!
    Anyway, here’s to abstract painting!

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