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I've been creating collaborative artworks with my friend Alain for the past few months. Here are four recent ones from this week that we just completed. They are 6"x8", mixed media on Strathmore 500 Illustration board. Collabs - with the right combo of people - are an amazingly rewarding way of creating artwork. It forces you to let go of your personal mark and accept another artist's ways of "solving" a piece. Collabs introduce marks, handling methods, color decisions and compositional elements which you may not have ever thought to apply to an artwork. I've also had to mimic some of Alain's marks (and vise versa for him) in order to add to, or finish off, a piece. I often wonder what this will do to our non-collaborative artwork. In fact, wonder no more, self, because the result of all these collabs is already showing up in our personal art. Unknown art territory is pretty exciting! I encourage all artists to collaborate with someone at some point or another in their artistic life adventures.  

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