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Some more thoughts... 1.) It really depends on how seriously you take your art. If you don't want to take art seriously, then by all means don't. If you want to, then there are many forks in the road that you must come to and then choose your path accordingly. 2.) Artists are chameleons. We can do anything we want if we put our mind and practice to it. 3.) Practice is everything, and "not everything you touch is art". Some don't go by this mantra, but I do. I make mistakes or bad paintings and I throw them out or wipe them down to begin anew. I don't hold on to the things I hate to look at, but when I make a piece that I love... I am often sad when it gets sold to someone. It's like a piece of you goes into the world, never to be seen again (unless you strike it lucky and have a retrospective show).

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