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Creating drawings using a traditional pen, nib & ink system is challenging yet rewarding when the piece actually turns out. You can't see this on the computer screen, but the ink that I used for one of my new drawings, "Theo", is just lovely. I was using the Brause Blue Steno nib along with J.Herbin Encre de Chine (Black) on Annigoni paper, and the ink is slightly raised off the paper. Just beautiful! You can feel it through the clear plastic bag I've put the drawing in. How dreamy! I used the same ink on Pescia paper with a Chinese calligraphy brush, and the effect is that the ink is not raised, but instead it looks velvety and flat... like it was meant to be paired with Pescia just perfectly. Honestly, you could give me two options in heaven... to put me in a shoe store, or to put me in an art supplies store, and you know exactly which one I would pick! [nggallery id=41] In order of appearance... Benny, Fifi, Heidi and Theo.

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