Paintings As Gifts for Family


I am frantically finishing up a last minute framing job for a customer while simultaneously wracking my brain as to what on Earth I am going to paint (Christmas gift) for my sister in law. As I am running back and forth from the frame shop to the studio room, a thought occurs to me... why am I thinking about creating a realistically painted acrylic piece when I should be focusing on what I will enjoy creating? I always start my works with charcoal... and some of my works are just charcoal with nothing else on them, except for gesso, acrylic medium and fixatif to hold it all down. So... that is what I shall do.. a charcoal piece, in the vein of my "Venus & Litter" diptych from 2006. [singlepic id=416 w=320 h=240 float=] Merry Winter Holidays and all that jazz to anyone reading my thoughts out there in Internetland.

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